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House Leagues

Below you will find a quick overview of our house leagues.

Please click on each league page for more information.


League Grade(s) Description
PreK - 1st Grade Coach pitch beginner league. This is a great league for kids of any ability. Focus on development and the joy of the game.
National League
1st - 3rd Grade Kid pitch beginner league. This league is a modified kid pitch league focusing on fundamentals, and preparing kids to play advanced kid pitch.
American League
2nd - 4th Grade Kid pitch advanced league. This is a full kid pitch league preparing kids for travel baseball or competitive house leagues.
5th & 6th Grade House
5th - 6th Grade Competitive house league that plays games in Rogers, Elk River and Zimmerman
7th Grade House
7th Grade Competitive house league that plays in the MYAS NorthStar League.
8th & 9th Grade House
8th - 9th Grade Competitive house league that plays in the MYAS NorthStar League.


The Elk River Youth Baseball Development Committee has repurposed our house leagues for kids 4th grade and younger.  We are very excited about this change,  and the goal is to make sure kids in this age group are placed appropriately based on ability, not necessarily age.

Our leagues for 4th grade and under will be the following:

  • Minors (Coach Pitch) – Prek – 1st Grade, this is an introductory coach pitch league.
  • National League (Beginner Kid Pitch) – 1st – 3rd Grade, this is an introductory modified kid pitch league
  • American League (Advanced Kid Pitch) – 2nd – 4th Grade, this is an advanced kid pitch league

Each league is a progression, to help kids move up and be prepared for competitive and/or travel baseball.

Kids from PreK – K will start in our Minors Coach Pitch League.

1st Graders have the option to play coach pitch or our modified kid pitch league if they are ready.

2-4th Graders will register for either house or travel.  These kids will be evaluated during our travel tryouts/evaluation weekend.  Kids who opt to play house, and kids trying out for travel, but not making a team, will be placed in either our National (beginner kid pitch) or American (advanced kid pitch) league based on their evaluation scores.

Fields Scheduler - Rob Weiler

Please contact Rob Weiler for any field scheduling or field maintenance questions or issues.

612 644 3377