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Summer Registration

2019 Travel and House Baseball Registration

2019 summer season is almost upon us. To register for both travel and house baseball please read through the following and and then select the register link below.


  1. Each family participating in Elk River Youth Baseball is required to fulfill 1 volunteer shift (approximately 4 hours)
  2.  Each team is to have 1 – Head coach, 2 – Assistant Coaches and 1 Team manager
    • The people holding these positions will not be required to volunteer at any of our events through the year. These families will be required to issue a volunteer check and upon completion of the baseball season, your check will be destroyed.
    • If the duties of any coaching position or team manager is not fulfilled for the assigned party, that family will need to fulfill one volunteer shift.
  3. Each family will need to only submit one volunteer check for $250. The check will need to note the players name(s) on the check. Please also fill out the volunteer check form also indicating the names of the players, their level of play and other pertinent information.
  4. Volunteer checks will need to be submitted for Travel baseball players before time of travel tryouts (March 21-24). Without receiving your check, you will not be able to participate in tryouts. Once the check has been received, the player will be able to commence with the tryout process.
  5. All House baseball players will have the following opportunities to submit a volunteer check:
    • Mail a check the baseball association prior to evaluations.
    • Drop off a check at the travel tryouts March 21-24 (Go to the desk labeled House Baseball)
    • Submit a check at House evaluations April 13th. If a check is not submitted by this date, your player(s) will not be able to participate in evaluations and will not be assigned to a team until the check has been received
    • Minors and Rookies baseball players are not required to go through evaluations. You will need to submit a check before you will be placed on a team
  6. Open volunteer shifts will be issued between the end of March and the end of April.