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For any Travel Baseball comments or feedback (positive or negative) at any time throughout the year, please contact the Travel Director at All feedback is kept confidential.

Travel Field Schedule

Click on the arrow to view the travel fields schedule.  Coaches, contact me if you have any questions, requests or changes that need to be made to the schedule.  If a game is postponed or needs to be rescheduled please contact me right away, so that I can record that the game did not get played.  Thank you.

Rob Weiler - Field Scheduler

(612) 644-3377

2020 Travel Tournaments -

Each level will pre registered for 3 tournaments.   Once the season starts, the coach may elect to add a 4th tournament.   The below tournaments are the initial choices for each potential age group.  These dates are subject to change.


10A Red: 

10A Black:













If you are interested in becoming a travel coach - please fill out the following coach application, and email it to the Travel Director, Jason Herzog:

All Travel Coach applications must be submitted prior to FEBRUARY 1st.

MYAS Travel Bat Standards

Click here to see the MYAS Travel Bat Standards


The Elk River Traveling Baseball program provides intensive skill development and a high level of competition. The program offers opportunities to develop confidence and teamwork while competing with teams representing other area communities. 

For the age groups of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 year olds, there will be at least one Elk River travel team.  Most age groups will have a second travel team, depending on the amount of kids registered and the ability of the kids registered.

The typical season runs from April through the middle of July.   Elk River Travel Baseball plays in the Gopher State League (MYAS) for its 10U – 15U age groups.  Information on rules, equipment requirements, league schedules, and standings can be found on the myas web site (  Travel leagues typically consist of 16 regular season games played during the week with playoffs at the end of the year.  Travel teams will typically play in 3 to 4 weekend tournaments, with 1-2 practices per week.

Registration is conducted in February and March.  Parents can expect to pay an additional amount to the regular registration fees once your player is placed on a travel team. This amount, approximately $120.00, covers such items as Team fees, Tournament fees and Team expenses.  Traveling players will also be required to purchase a travel uniform.

Tryouts are conducted in March. A non-refundable tryout fee of $20 will be collected during registration.  This fee covers the cost of bringing in professional evaluators who are not associated with Elk River Baseball, as well as pre-tryout training sessions at the Elk River Training Facility.

Team selection is on a competitive basis, as players are evaluated in comparison with others in their age group. Eligibility is based on the participant’s current school grade.  Tryout evaluations measure performance in hitting, infield, and outfield skills.  Please see our tryouts page for more detailed information regarding our tryout process.

Players not making a travel team will automatically be placed in our very competitive house league and still should attend the House Evaluations. 

Players not attending the House Evaluations will still be placed on a team. 

For more information on these leagues, please contact our travel director.


10U 4th grade or younger
11U 5th Grade
12U 6th Grade
13U 7th Grade
14U 8th Grade
15U 9th Grade


The developmental stage is ages 10-11.   This is where coaches are encouraged to have players play many positions.  It benefits the players to know how to play different positions and that knowledge is key to learning the game.  Coaches at this stage are discouraged from players playing specific positions since their skills and bodies develop at different rates.  The focus is on developing the players' skills over wins and losses and playing many positions accelerates that process.

The instructional stage is ages 12-13.  This is where coaches should begin narrowing the number of positions a player plays to 2-3.  At this stage, development and skills are becoming more evident and players' positions should be narrowed accordingly.  It is still strongly encouraged that players receive exposure to all positions in practices.  At this stage, the skills have been developed and now we are instructing them in how play the game and how to play more specific positions.  Emphasis is more towards instruction on how to play baseball than on wins and losses.
The competitive stage is ages 14-15.  This is where players have become players at 2 specific postions and baseball is being taught the way it will be played in high school and beyond.  This level assumes the players have received development and instruction and we now shift to a more competitive level of play where winning games takes on a greater importance than at the previous levels.  Here the players must learn to compete along with the development and instruction that they've received in previous seasons.

3rd and 4th Grade Travel Notes

This is just a clarification regarding our 3rd and 4th Grade traveling teams, as there have been some questions as to how it works.

All 3rd & 4th graders are eligible to try out for Traveling Baseball.   We encourage all 3rd graders to consider trying out for travel baseball, as they will be placed in an entry level travel league.

2nd graders must request permission from the traveling director.

ALL traveling teams will compete in the MYAS leagues.

3rd and 4th grade teams are dependent entirely upon how many players are trying out, as well as ability.

If we have enough 3rd graders trying out we MAY have a 9U team.  This is our goal, but if we do not have enough players and/or talent at this level, then 3rd graders would play in the 10A league.   Both 9U and 10A are entry level traveling leagues.

If numbers and ability work out, our goal is to have 3 or more teams at the 3rd/4th grade level.    The top 4th graders will be placed on our 10AAA team, and the top 3rd graders will be placed on our 9U team (assuming we have enough 3rd graders to make a team.    The remaining players (3rd and 4th graders) will form one or more 10A teams, depending on numbers and ability.  If there are more than one 10A teams, these teams will be split up equally.   This is all subject to change based on the Travel Director input.

Players not making a travel team will automatically be placed in our very competitive house league and still should attend the House Evaluations.

15U Travel Notes

15U Travel Baseball and 9th Grade School baseball are INDEPENDENT of each other.

9th Grade School baseball is run through the High School, and runs from March - May.

15U Travel baseball is run through the Youth Baseball Association, and runs after the 9th grade season ends to July.

The High School program likes all 9th graders to play both school baseball and summer baseball.....

1.  You must sign your sign up for 9th grade school baseball and 15U baseball separately.
2.  15U tryouts will be held at the end of April/beginning of May - hopefully outside.
3.  You need to sign up on our website as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please contact the travel director.

15U Traveling tryouts will be scheduled in mid to late April, separately from the rest of the traveling tryouts.