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2021 Winter Training Clinics


2021 Winter Training Registration is open.   Registration link is below, and clinics and descriptions are also listed below.

Spots are limited, register soon!

Back for 2021 are the BoyceBall instructors and Derrick Snell!  

Boyceball Training offers private, small group and team training to baseball and fast-pitch softball players throughout the state of Minnesota.  They are combined of former college and professional athletes specializing in the mechanics of hitting, pitching and defensive training. 

Derrick Snell is the owner of Living the Dream Sports in Becker, MN.  

Below is a breakdown of the training times, dates, and instruction. Spots are very limited so be sure to sign up early as we expect the classes to fill up fast. Additional information will be provided closer to the start dates. 


8 x 4 Advanced Training

Training in these sessions will have 4 coaches for 8 players. These training sessions will cover all aspects of baseball including: fielding, hitting, pitching, catching, base running and the mental side of baseball. Players will get about half the time in the hitting cages and half the time on the open turf area. Players will be with experienced coaches and varsity level players for instruction. This group will always be evolving each week based on the groups make up while concentrating on players individuality and helping them develop at their own pace in a small group setting. 


Bullpens and Batting Practice

These sessions will be lead by Derick Snell (hitting) and Jake Nelson (pitching).  On the pitching side of things players will work on basic mechanics the first two weeks and advance through a progression training model over the course of the next six weeks.  Players will also work on balance and arm care programming used by the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine program in which Derick Snell works in collaboration with during the year.  Players will work their way up to throwing bullpens sessions after week 4.  Players will learn how to throw different pitches by using different grips taught by coach Jake Nelson.  Jake has been to two College World Series with the University of St Thomas in the early 2010s and can throw both right and left handed.  This experience makes him one of the best young technical pitching coaches in the state of MN.                                                                                                                                                     Derick Snell will take players through a hitting philosophy where players will learn the 5 points of contact on hitting baseballs.  They will also be learning how to look at the defense, know the situation of the game and begin to work on hitting strategies including: see it hit it, up the middle/back side, gap gap, 3-1, 0-2 etc.   Derick will develop hitting profiles for players based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. 
Each player will get half time working on pitching with Coach Nelson and half time working with Coach Snell each session.  Half way through players will be treated to competitive games within the sessions to help them start to apply what they are learning in a competitive situation.  


River Rumble

This is a fun way for players to get lots of reps while competing in a team of 4 players against another set of 4 players.  This group there will be four total teams with 4 players on each team with one player who can be designated as a stand in if someone misses.  Players will compete in our batting and pitching competition each session after the first week.  The first week we will be walking players through how the competition works.  This will also give the coaching staff a chance to get to know players before the seven weeks of competition.  We will have the final two weeks as our playoff weeks to vie for the River Rumble Title and Trophy.  Teams will compete against one another each week getting 45 minutes worth of pitching competition where players will earn points by hitting certain spots in the 9 zone strike zone.  Points for each players on the team will be added up for a cumulative score for the team.  Player will also compete against one another in the cages hitting just like a real six or seven(depending upon age) inning game as coaches pitch and players hit getting results that are predetermined and will be marked in the cages.  Players will either hit safely earning a single, double, triple or homerun or will be out for hitting a ground ball out, pop fly or flying out.  For younger groups there will not be any strike outs, for older 13+ yr olds, we will have strike outs.  Each week there will be different zones to hit to earn more bases etc.  Pitching and hitting stats will be kept for players to see how they progress during the sessions.  We will also keep pitching and hitting stats separate each night.  A win for pitching will be worth 5 points and a win in the cages will be worth 5 points.  If a team wins both pitching and batting in one evening session, a bonus of 5 points will be given to the group.  We will seed teams for the final two weeks of playoffs for each sessions and play out a bracket to determine the River Rumble Title.


3rd/4th Grade Winter Training

This is a great introduction to Elk River Baseball, our winter training clinics and the facility. This is your players opportunity to work on basic fielding drills, throwing mechanics and hitting. These are skills that will be observed in the upcoming season's tryouts and evaluations. Board members will be running this clinic and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the upcoming season for house or travel leagues. These sessions are 4 weeks long. You can sign up for one 4 week session or both if you would like.

Questions? Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Dave Lodermeier

Winter Training Director

Phone: (651) 216-6624