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Active Elk River

On November 6, Elk River residents will decide how to invest in the repair and improvements for recreational and outdoor activities that make Elk River such a special place to live, work and play. City leaders have proposed a plan to invest $35 million in outdoor and recreational activities and facilities, financed by a half-cent sales tax. The purpose of this website is to provide the information you will need to make an informed vote, including details about the projects, why city leaders believe this is the most responsible plan, and the tax impact on residents and non-residents.

Time reamining until we vote for Active Elk River


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Welcome to Elk River Baseball

Weather is Changing. Let's Play Some Fall Baseball!

Elk River Youth Baseball Training Facility
12671 Meadowvale Rd, Suite R -  Elk River, MN 55330

Looking to become a member of Elk River Baseball? Click the link below to get started!

*You can also find this link under the 'About Us' tab along with other useful information.


GoFundMe - Elk River Youth Baseball

Please consider making a small donation to our GoFundMe page. Donations will help us upgrade and improve our baseball environment, including fields, equipment, dugouts, benches....etc. By Donating to GoFundMe, it will help us to avoid raising registration prices as well as avoiding a door to door fundraising effort in the future. Thanks for your support of Elk River Youth Baseball!

We're Looking for New Board Members!

Elk River Youth Baseball is looking for people who are interested in shaping the future of Elk River Youth Baseball. If you are interested, please fill out the application below and email to Dave Lodermeier @ or phone (651) 216-6624. 

Upcoming Events

October 14 Board Meeting - 7:00pm

Thank you for coaching

Thank you for coaching

Volunteer coaches are the heart and soul of this organization. Without you, it wouldn't be possible.
If you're interested in coaching, click the
'Are You Interested in Becoming a Coach' option in the Registration.

We're Looking for Umpires!

Interested in Becoming An Umpire for the 2018 Season?
Contact Dan Feigum.  and Get Paid!

New dugouts underway!

Donations have made it possible to add new dugouts at YAC & Oak Knoll.

Elk River Baseball does not supply first aid supplies to teams. Coaches and parents are encouraged to have basic first aid and ice packs in the event of injury during games and practices.

Thank You to Morrell Transfer for Your Continued Support of Elk River Baseball.

Thank You to Morrell Transfer for Your Continued Support of Elk River Baseball.

Thank You to Franklin Outdoor Advertising for Your Continued Support of Elk River Baseball!

This season Elk River Youth Baseball will be raising money to help with some field improvements. Your donation of any denomination will help us achieve this effort.  See our Fundraising link for more information.

*You can also find this link in the 'about us' tab along with other useful information.